Patrick de Talance is a French photographer born in 1973.

Since the age of 5 Patrick has been travelling around the world following his family where the next assignment of his father would take him. He started photographing the world from the age of ten, using his mother’s Nikon 35mm camera and learned and developed his photographic skills with the help and support from his parents, from taking the shot to developing it, during his teen years.

Having visited various countries at a young age (America’s, Asia and Europe), Patrick educated his eye at exploring cultures and people and extracting the quintessence of what he was witnessing which naturally led him to develop a keen interest in Travel Photography and People, interest that is still very vivid nowadays.

When he came back to Hong Kong in 2008 after more than 25 years away from the city of lights, Patrick decided that in an ever changing continent; it would be interesting to document what he was seeing and experiencing.

In 2013, Patrick worked with the Franco / Philippino NGO "Les Oursins" to help them put together visuals of the families they are currently helping in the shanty towns surrounding Manila.

Patrick also exposed more than 20 photos of his work in Hong Kong in September 2013 in qn exposition titled "Trip Tick" Which was picked by SCMP as the exposition to see end of December.